Throw away the stove! This sweet dessert conquered all housewives!

A dessert that melts in your mouth! Simple ingredients This is the most delicious sweet roll I’ve ever eaten! The whole family will love this delicious dessert! Be sure to try this dessert recipe, your guests will love it! This sweet roll is better than any other cake! This roulade recipe surprised everyone. The dessert will be very tender and airy! This sweet roll has an incredible flavor. After 5 minutes there was not a single piece of this cake cooked with love!

Preparation and ingredients:

Cookies Savoyardi 30pcs.

Brew 300 ml of coffee.

Lay out on parchment paper.

Whipping Cream (Cold) 400 ml.

powdered sugar 100g. (Or whatever you like).

Beat with a mixer until peaks form. Add mascarpone cheese and stir. Place in a piping bag. Spread a layer of cream on top. Sprinkle with cocoa powder. Roll up into a roll. Refrigerate for 2 hours. Lubricate the roll with cream. Sprinkle with cocoa powder. Thanks for watching my video to the end! Enjoy your meal! I wish you and your families peace and prosperity!

credit: Lecker mit Sophie Mayer @youtube


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