These Rare Orchids Look Like Monkey Faces When They Bloom

There are several varieties of monkey orchids. They all look like monkeys. There is no doubt that Mother Nature designed these unique flowers with primates in mind. More than 110 varieties of Dracula orchids are known as the “Monkey Orchid” due to their uncanny resemblance to monkey heads. Dracula Orchid Simia specimens have been most commonly found in the mountainous rain forests of southern Ecuador and Peru.

Botanist Carlyle A. Lueren named the monkey species in 1978. Dracula simia means “small dragon monkey”, referring to its long fang-like petals. Although the flowers resemble monkeys, they smell like ripe oranges despite their obvious resemblances.

In contrast to what one might expect, these exotic flowers thrive in deep shade, love humidity, and prefer cold temperatures. Have you ever considered growing your own? Here are some facts to get you started:

Dracula seeds can be found online from vendors. Please note that cultivating these seeds is not recommended for orchid beginners. The seeds of monkey orchids are almost like dust, and they require special care to grow. Even in ideal conditions, it will take them three to eight years to reach blooming size.

Here are some Dracula orchids that are easy to grow: Dracula erythrocheate, Dracula bella, and Dracula cordobae.

Make sure you purchase seeds from a reputable dealer, since there are many scammers selling monkey orchid seeds online. The question is, why does nature make certain orchids look like monkeys? We’re not sure, but there’s definitely a pattern and it’s beautiful to discover.


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