The Melanesian: People With Dark Skin and Blonde Hair

Do you know any African Americans with blond hair? The Melanesians are black islanders who moved to the south Pacific thousands of years ago. It is most likely that the first inhabitants of Melanesia were the progenitors of today’s Papuans. They extend from the western edge of the Pacific Ocean to the Arafura Sea and eastward to Fiji. This region includes Vanuatu, the Solomon Islands, Fiji, and Papua New Guinea. Indigenous Melanesian populations are frequently divided into two main groups based on language distinctions, such as Papuan- and Austronesian-speaking groups, culture, or genetic origin.

The Melanesian people of the Solomon Islands are known for their dark complexions and blonde hair. Many hypotheses have been proposed as to how they got their blonde hair. These hypotheses range from sun and salt bleaching to heavy fish consumption to genetic legacy from mixed breeding with the Americans and Europeans who created the island.

One of the only tribes with blond hair that are not descended from Europeans are Melanesians of several islands (along with some indigenous Australians).

Because of this, it is rare in native populations outside of Europe and North Africa. Blond hair, as in Europe and parts of Asia, tends to be more common in children than in adults, with hair tending to darken with age.


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