Stunning 18th-Century Sculpture Contains A Net Carved From A Single Block Of Marble

Marble net art installations are becoming increasingly popular as they add a unique touch to outdoor and indoor spaces. One such installation that is gaining attention is “The Release from Deception,” created by artist Markus Raetz.

Cappella Sansevero

The installation features a large marble net suspended from a wall that appears to be three-dimensional from one angle, but two-dimensional from another. This play with perspective is a stunning optical illusion that challenges the viewer’s perception of space and depth.

The use of marble adds an elegant and timeless touch to the installation, while the net design creates a sense of movement and fluidity. “The Release from Deception” is a perfect example of how art can transform a space and make us see things in a new way.

Article 3: “Discover the Fascinating Bockenheimer Warte Subway Station Entrance in Frankfurt” Subway stations are usually seen as mundane and functional, but the Bockenheimer Warte subway station entrance in Frankfurt is anything but. Designed by artist Zbigniew Peter Pininski, the entrance is a work of art that has become a popular landmark.

The entrance features a tower made of steel and glass that is 43 meters high, with a beautiful spiral staircase inside. The tower is adorned with symbols and figures that represent the history and culture of the city, making it a fascinating sight for both locals and tourists.

In addition to its visual appeal, the Bockenheimer Warte subway station entrance is also functional, providing easy access to the subway for commuters. It’s a perfect example of how art and functionality can come together to create something truly remarkable.


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