Shelter Dogs Rescued Together Sleep Side By Side Every Night!

At the age of five, two pit bulls named Romeo and Damian were rescued by the Nassau County SPCA in a state of malnourishment, dehydration, and rapid weight loss. Their visible ribs, spine, and hips were evidence of their poor health. But despite their suffering, these pups had not lost their spirit and their love for humans.

When they were brought to the local veterinary clinic, doctors discovered that Romeo had a metal foreign body in his stomach, adding to their long road to recovery. But with care and attention, these dogs have thrived. They have a close bond with each other and love to snuggle together as they sleep. However, they also adore human contact and will kiss anyone who helps them heal.

The Nassau County SPCA’s executive director, Maria Mora, said, β€œThey are both really lovely… kissing is their specialty.” They may need some training to improve their manners, but they are eager to embrace their second chance at life.

Once they are medically certified, Romeo and Damian will be available for adoption. If you would like to give them their forever home, please contact the Nassau County SPCA. Spread the word and share this post with your friends!


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