Senior Dog Spent Almost A Decade On His Own Waiting For A Miracle

A dog named Rockland lived in the hallways of an apartment building for almost a decade. It was the kind residents of the building who fed and watched over him since he was “no one’s dog.” Otherwise, he would have been left to fend for himself.

Animal Haven was contacted when building tenants realized they could no longer care for Rockland. Finally, the sweet senior pup had shelter and safety after so many years. Sitting in his kennel, he wasn’t any closer to finding a family.

An Animal Haven volunteer, Tedi Sarah, feared the older dog would have difficulty attracting attention. In addition, Rockland was diagnosed with cancer. Despite his limited time, he deserved to live out his golden years with a family. That was Sarah’s goal.

Sarah posted a video on social media encouraging potential adopters to consider Rockland. It was Christmas, and Rockland was alone for yet another holiday. That was never something Sarah wanted to happen again.

Soon, applicants began pouring in. People empathized with Rockland’s story and wanted him to find happiness.

Rockland’s new mom, Bessy Gatto, was chosen after reviewing the applications.

Rockland has not only a new mom, but also many new siblings. From now on, the social dog won’t have to worry about being alone anymore.


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