Falcons are extremely effective hunters, birds of prey with a short and curved beak, small to medium size, adapted to flights and quick movements to capture their prey. Unlike other predators (hawks and eagles) that kill their prey with the penetration of the claws, the hawks use the claws only to hold the prey, killing it later with the beak by disjointing the vertebrae, for which they have a rim in tooth shape in the upper jaw.

What differentiates falcons from other birds of prey is the fact that they have evolved towards a specialization in flying at speed, facilitated by their pointed and thin wings, favoring hunting in open spaces. The vision of this bird is 2.5 times better when compared to that of humans.

Thus, such visual quality allows it to see its prey at great distances. A rooster may seem like a good sized meal for the hawk, however, depending on which rooster is in the backyard, the tables can be turned and the hawk can do very badly! That’s because certain breeds of roosters are used in illegal fighting, and that’s why they are birds capable of causing great damage. As shown in the videos below.

This rooster caught a hawk well and didn’t give the predator a chance to defend himself. In this other video, we can see a nervous rooster and hen with the presence of a strange bird, they are making “totucú”, a sign of imminent danger. When the rooster enters the henhouse, the hawk appears and attacks the helpless hen. That’s when the rooster defends his hen and gives the falcon a beating. And did you like this video? So click on like and subscribe here to the channel predators of africa, there are videos frequently here. thanks and thanks for watching!


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