Romanian Mysterious Stones Grow and Move on Their Own

It is a common misconception that Romania is home to vampires, werewolves, and other spooky, fantastical monsters. This nation, however, is home to something far more enigmatic than a myth. “Living Stones,” one of the world’s strangest artifacts, will leave you scratching your head.

Romanian village Costeti is home to mysterious stones known as trovants. Naturalist Gh. first used this phrase in his work “The Tertiary in Oltenia”. It was used to describe cement sand in Romanian geology.

This enigmatic rock formation in Romania intrigues people. They grow almost like living things, unlike regular stones.

Several million years ago, earthquakes shook the nation, causing the trovants to appear. Although the stones appear strange in their cemented form, many scientists from around the world were intrigued by them. A strange thing is happening with the stones that is even more puzzling.

Even scientists struggle to explain such puzzling behavior in a purportedly non-living creature. Known as Living Stones or Stones that Grow, these stones are capable of growing.

Locals also refer to the stones as “The Stones that Grow” because they can grow as though they were living organisms. Whenever it rains, brand-new forms appear on the surface, giving rise to many stories. Rainwater causes dormant stones to come to life and grow. They can grow from a few millimeters to 10 meters in size! Most surprising to me about these stones is that they migrate on their own from one place to another.

Despite their best efforts, scientists couldn’t figure out why this phenomenon occurred.

There are also other surprising things these Living Stones can do. To my surprise, they also move on their own! Due to their slow movement, they are difficult to see, but they move on their own!

The formation and migration of these trovants on Earth is still unknown to scientists. It is believed that some compounds in the rock contribute to its ability to expand.

There have been other explanations for the movement of the trovant stones. Magnetism, extraterrestrial intervention, and even odd energy vortexes near the Trovants have been linked to the mystery stones.


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