PITTA FILLED typical CALABRIAN recipe donut bread filled with cold cuts and cheeses

‼️ERRATA CORRIGE‼️ in the video I wrote instead of salt, sugar, it’s 10 g salt! Sugar is only 1 teaspoon!
Do you know the Calabrian “Pitta”? It’s a typical bread that is used here in the south! It has the typical donut shape and is crunchy on the outside and very soft on the inside! It’s made with a dough without kneading just with a ladle, and thanks to the various rests and folds, it will acquire that beautiful consistency that you will see and feel on video! I know your mouth will water because it is irresistible! I used typical Calabrian products for the filling (good quality) but you can customize it to your taste! Usually it’s made simple and then stuffed afterwards, but I cooked it already stuffed!

👉 For the products used, if you’re interested, check out the post on Instagram 👉

⏱️ 2 rests of approximately 40-45 minutes
1 rest of about 2-3 hours
1 rest of 40 minutes after shaping

🌡️ Baking in the oven already at temperature
230° Static – 220° Ventilated for about 20 minutes
I used the Ventilated function

📝 Ingredients:
400 g Flour 0 (bread flour)
330 – 340 g Water (slightly warm)
8 g fresh brewer’s yeast (3 g dry)
1 teaspoon Sugar
10g salt
2 teaspoons Extra virgin olive oil
Semolina for dusting

seasoned sausage
N’duja (typical Calabrian cured meat)
Raw ham
Caciocavallo (provola cheese)


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