People Have Been Leaving Sticks On This Dog’s Grave Who Died 100 Years Ago

The tradition of placing sticks on a dog’s grave is a poignant and heartfelt tribute to a beloved companion. But where did this tradition come from, and what does it mean?

The practice of placing sticks on a dog’s grave dates back to ancient times, when dogs were believed to have a special connection to the afterlife. The sticks were used as markers to guide the dog’s spirit to the other side.

Today, the tradition continues as a way for owners to honor their dog’s memory and show their love and respect. The sticks can also represent the dog’s playful spirit and love of the outdoors.

But regardless of the meaning behind the tradition, the act of placing sticks on a dog’s grave is a touching tribute to a loyal and beloved companion. It’s a reminder of the special bond between humans and dogs and the lasting impact that our furry friends have on our lives.


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