Owner left with $20,000 vet bill refuses to let dog die, raises money to save her life

A dog owner was left with a $20,000 vet bill after her dog, Molly, had to undergo a series of life-saving surgeries. Despite the high cost, the owner refused to let her dog die and took to social media to raise funds for the treatment.

Molly had a ruptured uterus, which required emergency surgery, but her health deteriorated further, and she developed sepsis, which meant she had to undergo further surgeries. The cost of these surgeries was incredibly high, and the owner was left with no other option but to turn to social media for help.

The owner set up a fundraiser and shared the story of Molly’s ordeal, which gained attention and support from animal lovers all over the world. The donations poured in, and the owner was able to pay for Molly’s surgeries.

Thanks to the generosity of strangers, Molly was able to undergo the treatment she needed and make a full recovery. The owner was overjoyed and grateful for the support she received, and she hopes that her story will inspire others to do the same for their pets.


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