Old Yanmar YMG1800 tractor fully restoration | Fully restore and repair yanmar plows

On a beautiful day we went to find and buy old things for restoration, by chance we entered the house of a resident and saw a yanmar YMG1800 tractor, also known as a plow. they have left in the garden for about 5 years not working, the trees have grown around the tractor and the tractor has rusted a lot, many places are still rotten. we bought this tractor for $400 to restore and repair this tractor. we took it home and disassembled all the parts for restoration, first we restored the rear wheel drive of the machine, in part 2 I restored and repaired the yanmar YMG1800 tractor transmission, next i restore the engine of the tractor, although the outside is very rusty, inside the gears and bearings are very new and in very good working condition so we just cleaned and cleaned the internal parts and assembled them. back them. Within 30 days we restored and repaired the tractor and it was back in operation and better than before.


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