New easy dinner recipe! Everyone is looking for this recipe! Delicious family meal

Want to learn an easy ground beef and cheese bun recipe? We will show you a recipe that is very easy to implement, and as a result you will get an incredibly tasty dish that everyone will definitely love! The cooking process doesn’t take much time, so you can make these delicious cheese and ground beef rolls quickly and easily! We’re sure you definitely haven’t prepared this yet! So watch this video from start to finish to discover this very easy and delicious recipe!


Onions – 1pc.
Cut the onion.
Minced meat – 700
Dill / Coriander
Egg – 1pc.
Oregano – 1 tsp
Mix well.
Salt – 1 tsp
Paprika – 1 tsp
Cheese – 150g

Pepper – to taste
Leave ground beef in the freezer for 2 hours
Egg – 2 pcs
Milk – 150ml
Flour – 100 g
vegetable oil for frying.
Fry 4 minutes on each side
Bake at 180ยฐC for 20 minutes


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