My grandfather’s recipe impressed everyone! Simple and delicious!

My grandfather’s recipe impressed everyone! Simple and delicious!
Today we have prepared a very tasty recipe. You will be speechless after trying this recipe. Not a single piece remained on the table. You’re unbelievable! My grandfather’s recipe impressed everyone. Everything is so simple and delicious. My grandfather’s simple and incredibly tasty recipe impressed everyone, everyone wanted to try this recipe, I recommend my grandfather’s recipe, which everyone because it’s very simple and incredibly tasty. Cook with joy! Cook with love!
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Preparation and ingredients:
Wash and dry 7 chicken thighs.
Cut out the bone.
Cover with cling film and soften.
Add salt, black pepper, paprika.
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Cut 3 peeled apples.
100-150 g processed cheese.
Add filling and twist into a roll.
Secure with toothpicks.
Place on the rack as shown in the video.
Bake at 180Β°C for 30 minutes on top and bottom and 20 minutes in a convection oven.
Cut the potatoes with a vegetable cutter.
Fill with water and rinse.
Chop a bunch of parsley.
Add 3 eggs, black pepper, paprika.
Add 2 tablespoons of wheat flour to the potatoes and mix.
Add salt and the prepared mixture.
Put 1/2 potato in a heated pan with vegetable oil.
Cut 100 g of cheese and place on top.
Then add the other half of the potatoes.
Cover with a lid and fry over low heat until golden brown.
Turn the plate over and fry over low heat until golden brown.
They are incredibly delicious!
Chop the dill.
Sprinkle with dill, remove toothpicks and enjoy.
Bon appetit! Peace and prosperity to you and your families!


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