Mister modifies his kayak to be able to take his beloved adventure companions

David Bahnson is a well-known health expert and kayak enthusiast. As part of his leisure pursuits, he chose to include his pets, since they go with him wherever he goes. Susie was the first dog to go with Bahnson, but Ginger, a Golden Retriever, also joined them and was warmly welcomed by David. So it was quite normal to see a man paddling with two pets while holding a kayak.

Both David and his wife are dog lovers, so Ginger and Susie seem to have had a very happy life. For a couple, having a pet is like adding a family member.

“When Ginger arrived, I dug another hole. “It’s like a triple kayak, but paddlers can’t put their feet on it; yet, it’s perfect for a dog,” the doctor said.


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