Meet Tora, A Trucker Cat That Has Traveled All Over The US With Her Human

Meet Tora, a one-year-old Scottish Straight cat who loves nothing more than riding shotgun in her owner’s truck. Her owner, David Durst, has visited 43 states with Tora so far, and their travels are documented on their popular Instagram page, Tora The Trucker Cat, which has over 12,700 followers.

David, 24, initially had difficulties adopting a cat because agencies thought that a truck was not a suitable place for a kitty to live. He was on the verge of giving up when a breeder sent him a photo of an eight-week-old kitten, and he knew right away that he had found his ideal travel companion.

Tora took to the truck instantly, and the pair hit the road just three days after she joined the family. “She was the bravest little kitten I’ve ever seen and took to the truck instantly,” David said. “She loved looking out the window and taking in all the new sights. It was an instant fit.”

David is amazed by the reception Tora has received on social media and has made many real-life friends on their travels. The duo plans to visit the remaining five continental states by the end of the year, and Tora loves to explore big cities.

Despite the logistics of traveling with a cat, David says the biggest challenge was getting Tora used to walking on a leash. But after some initial reluctance, Tora now confidently walks on a leash and explores their surroundings.

Many people ask how Tora copes with being on the road, but David assures everyone that her litter box is in the sleeper of the cab and is cleaned out twice daily. The duo has made many happy memories on their travels, but David says his favorite memory is the first time Tora walked confidently on a leash. “That day was a big step towards all of the adventures the future held,” he said.

Tora the Trucker Cat is living proof that cats can be fantastic travel companions, and her Instagram page is a testament to the bond between a cat and her owner. Tora’s journey is an inspiration to pet owners everywhere, reminding us that our furry friends are always up for an adventure.


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