Man In Wheelchair Builds True Friendship With Cheetah After Motorbike

A loyal and reliable companion inspires us to overcome adversity and live our lives to the fullest. In some cases, it is their life partner who gives them strength, but for Joan Lascorz, it is a cheetah. After a motorbike accident in Italy in 2002, this Spanish man lost control of is lower limbs. Although the tragedy turned his life upside down, he decided to look on the bright side and pursued other interests besides racing.

Joan now relies on a wheelchair, but he has an endearing friend who comforts him and never leaves his side. He has found true companionship with his big cheetah, which will definitely frighten other people. Since Joan raised the feline from an early age, they have developed a long-lasting relationship. In spite of its enormous size, the animal behaves similarly to other pets.

Some people think living with a cheetah is too dangerous, but John and his big cat get along extremely well. It follows its owner everywhere in the house. He frequently posts photos and videos of him cuddling with the big cat. In return, he receives plenty of affection from the cheetah.

In some videos, we could see Joan and the cat sharing hugs and kisses. It’s hard to believe a ferocious creature acts like a pet, but it does happen. They share every moment together in such a sweet and heartwarming way.

How do you feel about this strange relationship? Has anyone else formed a close bond with an unusual pet? Leave a comment and check out other posts on our site for more fascinating stories!


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