Longest Resident At Shelter Falls Asleep Smiling When He Finds A Family

Despite the difficulties he faced, Petey the rescue dog remained a joyful pup. At just one-year-old, he was the longest resident at his county shelter in North Carolina. Due to the small shelter’s limited space, Petey’s stay was prolonged beyond the typical time. With no prospective adopters in sight, the shelter reached out to the SPCA of Wake County for assistance.

Petey was quickly accepted by the SPCA and was overjoyed to meet his new friends. Despite his prior prolonged stay at the previous shelter, he was friendly and playful from day one, much to the surprise of the SPCA staff.

Petey is just one of the many long-term residents at the SPCA of Wake County, but the staff remains hopeful that all of their extended-stay dogs will find their forever families, just like Petey did.

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