Like a Boss Compilation! Amazing People That Are on Another Level

Like a Boss Compilation! Amazing People That Are on Another Level #14

0:14 – The Tail Devil is a spark plate that attaches to the tail of your skateboard. Get some speed, pop a wheelie, drag your Tail Devil, and watch the sparks fly.

1:10 – This man could play the Ghost Rider role with those sick moves with the bike.

2:09 – The boy who made the kick definitely didn’t expect anything impressive, but nature had different plans for him.

3:11 – When you hire the one who really knows how to do the job… This truck driver lays gravel on the muddy road in mere seconds, which would have taken hours to finish by hand.

4:12 – Here you see the speed and mastery of a worker who removes tendons from chicken.

5:19 – This person is making it look so easy to filet a flatfish. They must have been doing this job for a very long time.

6:26 – She put the guy in an awkward position with her biceps comparable in size to the guy’s biceps.

7:28 – This guy has become so good at making spins on a pull-up bar that he ends up making tornadoes.

8:45 – Have you ever wondered how frozen premade dumplings are made? This is how it’s done when a person with precise and quick hands is involved.

9:50 – She’s sewing slippers at an insanely fast pace, making it look like the video is sped up.

11:07 – This man in Palermo, Italy, manages to carry a huge chunk of meat on his shoulders as if it were a pillow.

12:47 – This young man is tossing the pizza dough with such ease that it makes him look even cooler.

14:22 – This lady got launched into the air and perfectly landed on top of the guys like a boss.


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