Kind-Hearted Dog Becomes Friends With A Baby With Down Syndrome

The majority of people misunderstand children with Down syndrome. Often, they avoid such children without realizing that this is the wrong approach.

When it comes to animals, they are always ready to accept everyone as they are. People can learn a lot from them. Hernan was also born differently. Anna, the mother of the child, recorded some touching moments between her son and her other “child,” a large Labrador named Himalaya. There is something so sensitive and attentive about dogs. They always have a big heart and show a lot of care for others. He seems to realize that the boy may be afraid of some of the movements the dog makes with him, which explains why he is so careful with him. Putting his paw on the baby’s shoulder, he shows him his support and patronage. Initially, the child was afraid of the dog and wanted to stay away from it.

However, he began to communicate with her very calmly, as if with a close friend. It seemed that they understood each other well and communicated for quite a while. Their connection was inexplicable. A wonderful video was made by their mother and posted on the Internet after it had been edited. Internet users love it. They are truly made for each other. There is always a reason behind everything that happens, said Anna. Please share this with your family and friends.


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