Imperial Airways : The Definitive Newsreel History 1924-1939 – Civil Aviation

This is the definitive celebration of Britain s first national airline Imperial Airways. Imperial Airways were the forerunner of BOAC, BEA and the British Airways of today. In 1924, the British Government amalgamated many of the complicated array of pioneering small British airlines into one company, Imperial Airways.Original newsreels give us a fascinating and detailed insight into early operations from London s first airport in Croydon – At first, the passengers flew in comfort while the pilot still sat in an open cockpit! By 1926, there were whole fleets of airliners and new flying boats were commissioned. Amy Johnson arrived from Australia in 1929 and by 1930 the new Handley Page four-engined airliners became reality.Pioneering is dangerous – as the R-101 Airship crash proved to the airlines. Imperial Airways even experimented with a radio link between The Flying Scotsman and one of its aircraft. Imperial Airways flew the first car and even transmitted Jack Hylton and his band live from the air.Throughout the 1930s, Imperial Airways kept expanding throughout the Empire over to Australia. We spend 24 hours in Sharjah and witness a nasty crash at Croydon! 1936 saw the birth of the new giant Empire flying boats and in 1937, Imperial Airways became air partners with PanAmerican and trans-oceanic flying was born.The hazards of ice, early air-to-air refuelling and the Short Mayo Composite aircraft are also shown and explained.Aircraft included : Handley Page W8, W9, W10 and HP42. Armstrong Whitworth Argosy and Atalanta. De Havilland DH50, DH66, DH86, DH91 and Albatross. Short S.8 ‘Calcutta’, S.23 & S.30 ‘Empire’ Flying Boats and the Mayo Composite The R-101 Airship and the Lockheed Electra


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