Homemade donuts are better than from the bakery – a recipe that always succeeds

I love homemade donuts and for my taste they are always tastier than purchased ones. About 32-33 donuts fall out of this mixture. They are easy to make, but you have to take a little more time for them to turn out perfectly delicious. One of the most important items when making donuts is to keep the room where you make them warm and to guess the temperature of the frying oil. INGREDIENTS 3 dcl of lukewarm milk 2 eggs 1 bag of dry yeast or 20 g of fresh 3 tablespoons sugar 1 vanilla sugar 100 ml of oil 1 teaspoon salt 650-700 g of flour 1 and a half tablespoons of rum peel of one lemon + oil for frying, powdered sugar for sprinkling and jam or cream if desired


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