GRAFFE CREAM CROISSANT Fluffy and dry Everyone at the table

Shall we make graphs? Yes, but in the shape of a Cornetto, yes it is a soft and dry Croissant (so much so that it doesn’t even seem fried) covered in sugar and filled with custard how can you resist! Impossible! They are already beautiful to look at but at the first bite you will enter ecstasy! You will see the whole family will be happy! Excellent alternative to the classic Donuts to make for Carnival! Obviously you can also fill them with Jam or Nutella, but even empty they are delicious! To you the choice!

Advice: Leavening times are always relative, it depends on the internal and external ambient temperature! Stick to the view when you see it’s more than Doubled All right! If it struggles to grow, put it in the oven (after having brought it to a temperature of 30簞 and turned it off)


500 g flour 0 (or half 00 half Manitoba)

10-15 g fresh brewer’s yeast (or 5 g dry)

300ml milk (or water)

60 g sugar 1 egg (medium)

90 g soft butter

1 lemon Salt (1 pinch)

To complete:

Seed oil for frying

Caster sugar

Lemon peel



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