Fishermen Help Two Stranded Baby Bears Drowning in Lake

A couple of kind Russian fishermen saved the lives of two baby bears drowning in a lake by helping them onto their boat. They were trying to cross the lake with their mother, but they couldn’t keep up. The mom didn’t realize it until it was too late, so the cubs had to act fast. As they approached the boat, they saw two fishermen on board.

The men decide what to do and how to help the poor cub while he holds onto the side of the boat. You can tell how scared the bear is, and the cub is shaking. To help the bear onto the boat, one man pulls out a large net. In order to reach safety, the bear gets up and climbs into the boat.

Later, the video shows the other bear holding onto the net as the boat drives away to the shore where the fishermen thought the mama bear would be. We’re sure the two bears appreciate their help and that they were there at the right time.


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