Dog Refuses To Leave Mom In Hospital After Saving Her Life

Dogs can be trained for specific tasks, such as guiding, rescuing victims, searching for criminals, or working as service dogs. As a result of being trained, dogs can do many useful things, including saving their owners’ lives.

This picture has recently become viral showing Ruby, a service dog, lying side-by-side with her sick mom in a hospital room. Real-life situations once again demonstrate dogs’ unconditional love and loyalty. 

Ruby has been a part of Shauna’s family for several years. However, their bond is beyond the connection between a service dog and its owner. They have been friends, true friends. Ruby is there for Shauna round the clock – even when the owner doesn’t realize she needs her. The dog helps her to control her heart rate and blood pressure and overcome panic attacks.

Ruby noticed something wrong with her mom’s health last week and kept alerting her. Shauna couldn’t understand why. She felt fine but still chose to trust Ruby. She ended up calling an ambulance, and it turned out her dog wasn’t wrong at all. 

It didn’t take Shauna long to realize Ruby had saved her life. As soon as she arrived at the hospital, she was rushed to the emergency room, where doctors worked to stabilize her condition. Even when she was unconscious, Ruby refused to leave her side. Shauna’s loyal dog was often seen lying in her hospital bed, pressing up against her, hoping she would feel safe and secure there.

After hearing their story, people decided to stop by and visit Shauna and Ruby. For her actions, Ruby deserves our love. Shauna’s life would be very different without her help. 

As Shauna’s anxiety, depression, and agoraphobia worsened, she decided to adopt Ruby as a service dog to help her. When they met for the first time, they fell in love. After discovering Shauna had several health problems, including vascular Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, Ruby began tracking her cardiac issues. 

As she was training for a service dog, I noticed she would act funny when she picked up on changes in my heart rate. For example, she would paw at me, try to get my attention, and even get on top of me.

During Shauna’s daily routine, Ruby monitored the health of her heart and blood pressure. She has never left her owner’s side. I would appreciate it if you shared this story with your family and friends!


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