Dead Snapdragon Flowers Looks Like a Weird Skull

The Snapdragon flower is a beautiful sight when alive, but its appearance changes when the seed pods die. The dead flower heads resemble miniature human skulls and when squeezed between fingertips, the skull opens and closes its mouth.

In ancient cultures, Snapdragon flowers were believed to have supernatural powers and were considered lucky to carry. Another myth was that consuming the flowers would give lifelong beauty and youthfulness.

The flower was named Snapdragon because when squeezed, it looks like an open dragon mouth. They are native to Southwestern Europe and attract hummingbirds and butterflies.

However, when the flowers die, they look like shriveled brown skulls hanging from the stem, which is a creepy sight. On the Slipknot Reddit, an image of the dead flowers was dubbed the “Chris Fehn plant” because it resembles the former percussionist’s mask with its long nose. The flower is said to symbolize both deception and graciousness due to its varying appearance throughout its life cycle.


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