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Today, I’m going to make a square version of the beautiful fruit jelly cheesecake

In the process of making in the last video, I collected some common questions and made a square fruit cake hoping to answer those questions.

Because of the nature of baking…
There was a part that was very difficult to explain in words…
For example, some people were curious about removing vinyl from the floor.
It was very difficult to explain in writing.
I did not edit as much as possible.

In addition to the brown sheet (Teflon sheet) that I use, I also tested transparent vinyl..
I got a good result.
So, even if it’s not a brown sheet, you can make enough with the vinyl used for wrapping cakes.
However, if you do not remove it carefully, the jelly may break, so you must remove it carefully.

I tested it even after applying vegetable oil to the plastic…
Not very recommended.
There was some oil on the jelly, and applying oil doesn’t mean it’s removed more clearly…

This time, I used the jam at home and put it inside as a filling.
I didn’t write down the amount because the jam has a different sweetness.
I think you can use about 80g.
However, depending on the sweet taste, please adjust the amount.
And it’s easy to squeeze the jam if you heat it in a microwave before use.

A combination of fluffy sponge cake and soft cheese cream~!
Energetic jelly and fresh fruit meet~!
It tastes as good as it is beautiful.

● If you want to use gelatin leaves, subtract the amount of water measured together.
You can use the same amount of gelatin after soaking it in cold water.

And this time, we also weighed the cup, so even those who don’t have a scale can try it.

Beautiful fruit jelly cheesecake~!
Delicious cake~!


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