Crispy but Soft Inside, Fried Potato Shrimp :: Potato Recipe :: Whole Family Loves It.

Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside,
The combination of potatoes and shrimp is different and really delicious.
The flavor of the shrimp goes well with the potatoes.
I put vegetables in potatoes and it tastes like croquettes.
If you are uncomfortable with deep-frying, you can make it in an oven or air fryer (refer to the tip).

*** Measurements are scales (g), rice spoons (Tbsp), teaspoons (tsp) (not measuring spoons)

[15 pieces]
✤ Potato Seasoning
– 315g Potatoes (1 large)
– 60g Onions
– 40g Carrots
– 2g, 3 pinch Salt
– 1-2 pinches black pepper
– Milk (add it when it’s hard and doesn’t clump together)

✤ Shrimp Seasoning
– 15 Prawns
– 2g, 3 pinch Salt
– 1 pinch black pepper
– 0.5g (0.3tsp) Ginger powder(garlic powder available)
– 8g (1Tbs[) Cooking wine

✤ Fried Ingredients
-Wheat flour
– Egg
– Bread crumbs

✤ Tips
– To bake in an oven or air fryer, sprinkle with oil and bake at 200 degrees for 10 minutes
(Temperature or time may vary depending on the device)
– Be careful as the potatoes may become muddy if baked in the oven or F for a long time.
– You can also use sweet potatoes.
– When frying, if you fry it at a low temperature for a long time, the potato may burst.


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