A Photographer Captured On Camera Two Owls Sharing A Tender Moment

Owls are known to be solitary birds, making it extremely rare to spot two of them together, let alone sharing a romantic moment. However, a lucky photographer from the UK, Leslie Arnott, recently managed to capture such a moment between two barn owls in a small village of Staffordshire.

The photographer said the two majestic birds spent around two or three minutes on a tree branch, being affectionate towards each other and even sharing a “kiss.” “They started rubbing heads and getting quite affectionate. Then came the moment they appeared to kiss each other. They ‘kissed’ twice…a moment I have never witnessed before or since,” Arnott said.

Even more fascinating is the fact that the two birds are not mates, but sisters. They are very affectionate towards each other and work well together, despite not being a breeding pair, according to Arnott. While the photographer is unsure of the reason behind the owls’ romantic moment, it is clear that the two birds have a strong bond and a special connection that transcends the typical behavior of barn owls.

Leslie Arnott’s photographs of the affectionate moment between the two barn owls remind us of the beauty and complexity of nature. It is amazing to witness such rare moments between animals that are typically known to be solitary creatures. Arnott’s images capture the love and tenderness that exist in the natural world, and serve as a reminder that we should always appreciate and protect the beauty of the world around us.


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