9 Smart Interactions Between Street Art and Nature

At first glance, urbanization and nature seem incompatible. When you look closely, something truly unique can emerge from this union. It’s great to see street artists incorporating nature into their art, which creates 3D installations from 2D paintings. These are only a few examples of what street artists have created in collaboration with nature.

People are battling nature for dominance on Earth. Even if nature loses its position somewhere, sooner or later it will prevail. There is no other way to live than in harmony with nature. Some street artists understand this well. Interacting with nature allows them to create unique pieces of art. Street art transforms an ordinary dandelion sprouted through concrete into an inviolable piece of art. The fluffy crown of the tree becomes someone’s hairstyle. As street artists create art in tandem with nature, they are telling the rest of the world to live in harmony with nature without trying to suppress it. Humanity will not exist if nature is not overcome


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