73-Year-Old Elephant Is Seen With Tears Rolling Down Her Face When Freed From Life In Captivity

The story of Sook Jai, a 73-year-old elephant, is both heartbreaking and inspiring. Sook Jai spent most of her life in captivity, suffering from abuse both physically and mentally. She was forced to do various jobs, from working in tourist trekking to begging on the streets. Her health deteriorated as she grew older, losing her vision and most of her hearing.

Fortunately, Sook Jai was rescued by Elephant Nature Park, an elephant rescue and rehabilitation center in Northern Thailand. The rescue team did their best to make the elephant feel comfortable during the long trip, keeping the truck warm when it was cold and cooled down the animal when it was hot.

Upon arriving at the sanctuary, Sook Jai shed tears that rolled down her face, perhaps sensing the kindness and sincerity of those who helped her. This touching moment was captured on video and has since garnered the attention of millions of people worldwide.

The story of Sook Jai is a reminder that wild animals should never be treated in such a cruel and inhumane way. They deserve to live their lives in the wild, free from dirty and small cages. The compassion and dedication of those who work to protect and care for animals are essential in ensuring their survival and well-being.

Thanks to the caring soul who found Sook Jai and the efforts of Elephant Nature Park, the 73-year-old elephant can now enjoy relaxing and peaceful days in the sanctuary. Her rescue and rehabilitation serve as a reminder that every animal, no matter how big or small, deserves a normal life, free from abuse and mistreatment.


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