30 Action Stars 80-90s Then and Now ★ 2023

Today well see how famous Hollywood action-actors of the 80-90s have changed. And also compare how they looked then at the peak of their careers and whats with them now, in 2023.
30 Action Stars 80-90s Real Name and Age;
30 Action Stars 80-90s Then and Now;
30 Action Stars 80-90s How They Changed;

Action Stars:
1Sylvester Stallone
2 Pierce Brosnan
3 Adrian Paul
4 Dolph Lundgren
5 Wesley Snipes
6Arnold Schwarzenegger
7 Bruce Willies
8 Liam Neson
9 John Travolta
10 Kurt Russell
11 Jean-Claude Van Damme
12 Richard Norton
13 Christopher Lambert
14 Jet Li
15 Mickey Rourke
16 Anthony Banderas
17 Danny Glove
18 Jackie Chan
19 Jean Reno
20 Chuck Norris
21 Jason Scott Lee
22 Steven Seagal
23 Kevin Costner
24 Tom Cruise
25 Nicholas Cage
26 Harrison Ford
27 Brian Thompson
28 Mel Gibson
29 Mark Dacascos
30 Don ‘The Dragon’ Wilson
31 Michael Jai White


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