25 Genius Solutions To Various Problems, People Shared Online

When faced with a problem, some people are able to come up with truly genius solutions. These solutions may be simple or complex, but they always demonstrate creativity and ingenuity. Here are some examples of genius solutions that people have come up with to solve a variety of problems:

One person who was tired of their cat scratching the furniture came up with a simple solution: they attached strips of cardboard to the legs of their chairs and couch. The cat was happy to scratch the cardboard instead of the furniture, and the owner was happy to keep their furniture intact.

Another person who wanted to keep their sandwich fresh during a long flight came up with a clever solution: they wrapped the sandwich in plastic wrap, then put it in an empty Pringles can. The can kept the sandwich from getting crushed, while the plastic wrap kept it fresh.

A third person who wanted to avoid getting their shoes wet in the rain came up with a genius solution: they wore plastic bags over their shoes. The result was both effective and a little bit funny, creating an image that’s sure to make you smile.

These genius solutions demonstrate that sometimes, the best solutions are the simplest ones. By using a little bit of creativity and ingenuity, we can come up with solutions to even the most challenging problems.


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