15 Times Alligators And Crocodiles Messed With The Wrong Opponent

Alligators and crocodiles are apex predators, at the top of their food chain. They are constantly on the lookout for food, and even though they have an excellent batting average, they are not always successful. If you want to see how certain animals such as lions fend off their attacks, or others, like antelopes, use speed to escape, you’re at the right place, so let’s get started.

Snake VS Alligator

This python is eating this alligator alive. You can see the alligator trying to escape, but it looks like it is not going to happen. This is one big powerful snake, but it is not an easy kill, because the alligator almost gets out of the hold and out of the python’s mouth. Two Amazon reptiles trying to devour each other find themselves in a deadlock and are struggling for survival. Which one will win? Many locals got a close look. Luckily, a man had an old digital camera with him and was able to film this unique event. In my opinion, the snake was crushing the caiman, and I don’t think the reptile was getting out of there alive, but I could be wrong. This python has started swallowing an alligator, and the entire animal is virtually within the snake’s stomach. It will take some time for the snake to digest the alligator once it has swallowed it. You can see the clip from different angles as the python rolls over and eats his prey.

Lion VS Crocodile

The stakes have pushed the hungry Hollywood lionesses into dangerous hunting grounds. After they bring down a kill by the river’s edge, they must go up against huge hungry Nile crocodiles if they’re to keep their dinner. The cold-blooded predators have the strongest bite force in Africa, and they’re prepared to use it on the gutsy lionesses. The crocodiles in the river are beginning to move towards the beach. One of the reptiles bags himself some intestines, right under the big cat’s nose. Even though she’s only three years old and the youngest female in the pride, she is brave. This feline is not going to let any of her hard-earned food go to the enemy. But the other cats have filled their bellies and seeing the crocodiles approach, makes them reconsider, and it seems like they are content to let this one go. But not the younger female! She refuses to relinquish the kill. There are so few prey animals this far North, that every scrap is worth fighting for, and this female knows it. A second female steps in to help, leaving the crocs to squabble over the dregs. The female is not leaving anything to chance. She carries the carcass far away from the crocodiles, where they will not go. The pride has done well. It’s a good meal that will satisfy them for a while. Retreating to the far north where prey is scarce is a risk, but so far, it’s paid off. After a male lion checks out this small crocodile, he lets the sub-adults handle the reptile, but they have no clue what to do. Perhaps, they think it’s a new pet they can play with because they are surely not attacking it. They’re just watching it walk away. A crocodile sneaks through the bushes and trees to see what smells so good, as a pride of lions is enjoying its “zebra” lunch. When the crocodile gets too close, the felines growl and snarl and slap the crocodile on the head with their big paws, but it doesn’t seem to scare the reptile away, as he steps in and almost drags the carcass away, the felines get smart and pull it away from the crocodile after a short scuffle. Life in the bush is never easy, even for these mighty predators. The tough crocodile doesn’t get the big prize, but he still manages to snatch a consolation prize.


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