15 Photos That Prove It’s a Bad or Good Idea to Gift Coloring Books to Adults

Do you remember the joy of filling in the pages of a coloring book as a child? The thrill of choosing just the right color and carefully staying within the lines? Many of us have fond memories of this simple activity, but as we grew older, we often put our coloring books aside and moved on to other things. However, it seems that not everyone has outgrown their love of coloring books – some adults have found a new way to enjoy this childhood pastime, but with a twist.

Adults are big kids at heart, so it’s not surprising that some have rediscovered the joys of coloring books. However, the way they approach coloring is not quite the same as it was when they were kids. Instead of coloring within the lines and creating images that are faithful to the original illustrations, some adults are using their coloring books as a canvas for their wild imaginations. And the results are sometimes, well, unexpected.

Imagine a coloring book filled with cute animals, whimsical fairies, and other friendly characters. Now imagine what happens when an adult with a rich imagination gets their hands on that book. Suddenly, those cute animals are wearing punk rock clothing and have tattoos, the fairies have been transformed into mischievous troublemakers, and other characters have taken on a whole new, and often bizarre, appearance. The end result is a coloring book that has been transformed from an innocent children’s activity to something that is definitely not kid-friendly.

Of course, not all adults who enjoy coloring books take this approach. Many still enjoy coloring within the lines and creating beautiful images that are faithful to the original illustrations. But for those who want to let their imaginations run wild, coloring books offer a unique and creative outlet.

So, the next time you see a coloring book in the store, don’t dismiss it as just a child’s toy. Pick one up and give it a try. You never know what kind of creative and unexpected images you might come up with. Just remember to keep your creations away from young eyes – they might not be quite ready for the wild and wacky world of adult coloring books.


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